Monday, February 16, 2009

Why can't this weather be warmmmm

18x24 creme toned paper
extra soft charcoal pencil
5min drawing
Had to open the office this morning, my friend and fellow Steve, Steve constantly battling the computer screen as to what location SVA will rent out for the Valentines Day Dance we organized. Oh the hardships of 9am mornings. >.<

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 11th

last week I went drawing for a few hours at Starbucks down on Astor next to Kmart by Cooper Union. Its always really packed these past days, it serves more as a refuge for people just go get out of the harsh weather than a coffee shop I think. Its interesting to watch all the different people wander in and just sit down to warm up a bit, I know that once I get into a mode of drawing all the stresses of the big city leave my mind.

18x24 Creme Toned Paper
extra soft charcoal pencil
20-30min drawing

Drawings from January 2009

Drawings from December 2008

Urban Sketchers

So, aside from my regular art blog which is where I usually post any projects I finish that I think are worthy of showing people, and where I talk about random crap dealing with my life and goofy stuff I come in contact with, I decided to make this separate blog dedicated to Urban Drawing that I do here in the city. I was more inspired to do this after I found the networking blog: where artists from all over the world have come together in posting daily images of different drawings they've done of people living and interacting in urban environments. I hope to eventually get on the site since you can only be invited by someone who is in it or you can submit your work to get invited by the admins. So I've got my fingers crossed! nomnom hopefully I can get onto it since I think its an awesome idea for a networking site with artists. Anyway, I'm just going to post images that I've drawn in the past month or so, and try to do at least one or two a week here. So keep checking for more! :]